How do I get my certificates?
-Log in to poncacitydeals.com and click on “Your Cart” in the upper right corner, under your name. Then click on “my purchases” and you will see your voucher(s) with a “download” button next to them. Click the “download” button and you can print them.

I can’t log in
-Make sure you are registered with the website and not just signed up for the email newsletter.

Why is the old deal showing up?
-First try clicking on “Current Deal” at the top of the page. You can also try refreshing your page. If those don’t work, then you’ll need to clear your browser cookies.
In Internet Explorer, click on Tools-Internet Options. On the General Tab you’ll see Browsing History. Click Delete, and in the window that pops up, make sure Cookies and Temporary Internet Files are checked. Then click Delete.
In Firefox, click on Tools-Options.  Click on the Privacy icon, and Remove individual cookies.  When that window opens, scroll down until you see the poncacitydeals.com folder.  Highlight that folder, remove cookies.  Then, click the advanced icon in the option window, and click on the network tab and click clear now to clear your cache files.

What happens if I don’t spend the whole $25?
-No change is given if the entire voucher is not used.

Do I have to have a PayPal account to buy the deal?
-No. If you don’t have a PayPal account, that’s not a problem. Just click on the “Check out with PayPal” button and on the next page you’ll have the option of using your credit or debit card instead of PayPal.

For any other technical issues, contact Gayle at poncacitydeals@eteamradio.com

58 thoughts on “F.A.Q.”

  1. I attempted to make a purchase of Zino’s and after I had placed in all of my credit card information and mailing address infromation and hit submit the system didn’t verify the purchase. Additionally, when I went in back to my cart to print off the vouchers, my cart was empty and it said that I had not purchased anything.Therefore, what happened to my credit card and mailing information that I had imput into your system. Please check into this and let me know if I have made a purchase or not. Thank you! Mike

    1. Mike,

      After you put your card information in on the paypal screen and hit submit, it should have taken you back to the order page. At that point it should take you back to your cart, and you have to hit submit, i think, again. There is another button you have to push after putting all your info in on paypal and clicking submit.

      Let me know,


  2. I understand there is no change on a voucher. Does the voucher retain the amount not used or is the voucher for a one time purchase only?

    1. The voucher is good for a one time purchase. No change is given, and it does not retain any amount not used.



  3. We just used our Zino’s certificate. It was great. Dinner for two, including appetizer, worked great. Just purchased the Taco stop coupons. Looking forward to using those. Since you get $15 worth of food for just $7.50 I think I will invite another couple with us for lunch and that way we will get the full value. Just have to plan how you are going to use them, and they are a great deal! Thanks.

    1. Glad you had a great time and enjoyed the Zino’s certificate. We have lot’s more great deals coming your way, so stay tuned!


    1. Jan,
      That is correct. Taco Stop sold out Friday night. Some deals sell out much quicker than others. But don’t worry, we have a lot more great deals on the way!

  4. Why can’t we retain any unused amount for another visit? They could write the balance on the certificate & we could use it another time. I have had this done in another city. Thanks

    1. For the majority of our deals, the amount on the voucher can easily be used in one visit. We’ve tried to make this as user friendly as we can for both our users who purchase the vouchers, and for the businesses who offer you the deals. We have found what we think is the most fair formula for the user and the business, that is why we make it clear from the start no change is given.


  5. I want to know how you tell which “coupons” you have used and which you have not. I don’t want to print them all at once b/c I will definitely lose them so I like storing them on the site but I also don’t want to try to use the coupon twice…that could be embarrassing! Thank you for your help!!

    Also, is there an IPhone ap so that I can be alerted to new deals. I so missed out on the El Patio deal! Bummer!! ;D

    1. Krista,
      We are working with the programmers on a way to delete the voucher once you have printed it. Hopefully we will have that capability soon.
      Also, we are hoping to have android and iphone apps out soon.

  6. Is there a way to delete the voucher from my account once I have used it. Would like to be able to keep track of what I still have left and not make a mistake and try to use one I have already used.

    1. Jenn,
      We are working with our programmers to provide an option to delete the voucher from your “my purchases” once you have printed and used it.

  7. What a wonderful deal for Ponca City – Please offer the Taco Stop again soon ! Looking forward to seeing more deals soon ! I heard you have Jim’s burger coming soon . . . a lil birdie on facebook told me.

    1. We are working on a number of great deals right now. Let us know what other deals you’d like, and we’ll see if we can offer them!



    1. Carissa,

      Usually deals come out on Tuesdays. Occasionally we will roll one out on Fridays. But you never know! We always send an email to people in our email database to let them know a new deal has rolled out.



  8. I did not get an email about today’s (1/17) deal. Your reply to Carissa above says that emails go out to everyone in the database. I had to go to the website to see if the new deal was available.

    1. I just checked our mailing list and it says an email was sent to you. You might check your spam/junk folder for it.



  9. Hi, I had a small glitch with this morning’s deal. I checked out, and got the e-mail showing payment to ETeam Radio, but the purchase does not show up in my cart or purchases. I haven’t had this happen on any of my other deals and I am not sure what to do. I’ve sent you an e-mail with the confirmation info. Thanks if you can help me straighten it out – I need my Jim’s Jumbo Burgers! LOL. These deals are great.

  10. everytime I log into poncacitydeals.com i get a blank page and it says newkirk deals
    there are no deals listed under new deals or current deals..was there a deal for the week of June 18?

    1. Not at all. With the holiday, there have been a couple of weeks without deals, but we have a new deal coming next week for you!


  11. I purchased the community auto deal a while back, $50 for only$25. The voucher does not expire until September 31, 2012. I should still have over a month to use the voucher. What happens when the business shuts down before the expiration date?

  12. really confusing when other used vouchers appear as if you can print them again…is the current offer now happy days cafe..i purchased this today..put it says it expires on aug.17…please let me know how to read all of this info

    1. The current deal is Happy Days Cafe. You can print the vouchers even if they are expired. We didn’t set it up to only print once in case someone has a printer jam when trying to print their voucher. Once you have printed a voucher, you should be able to mark it used. I’m not sure where it says expires August 17. I just checked the sample voucher which gives the correct expiration date of November 10, 2012. I do know the last Happy Days deal we did expires on August 16th. If I can do anything to assist you, please let me know.

  13. I went to the Daily Grind today to use my voucher and they were closed for remodeling. It expires on Sept 12 so if it goes past the expiration date, will I still be able to use it for the amount purchased? ($7.50)


    1. If you have a Daily Grind voucher, hold on to it. We have not been able to talk to anyone in charge at the Daily Grind yet, but we are hoping to work something out!



    1. The only way to purchase is online. You do not have to have a PayPal account. You can use your debit or credit card, but it will be processed through PayPal.



  14. I purchased two vouchers for El Patio but only received notice for one coupon. Can you send me the other. The one I have is Reference: 19952. tkx

    1. Please log in to your poncacitydeals.com account and go to “My Purchases.” Both vouchers should be there, with a download link so you can print them. I am showing both vouchers in your account.

    1. Deryn,
      According to my records they have all been sent. I don’t see any of them bouncing back. You might check to see if poncacity.net is somehow blocking emails from poncacitydeals.com. You are the second person I have spoken to recently that is having the issue and has poncacity.net as their isp.

    1. Robert,
      I’m taking a look at it and will send you an email in a few minutes about it. Thanks.

  15. I have used and enjoyed several vouchers I do have a couple of questions issues. one was for community auto care which went out of business before I could use. assumed it was my loss but if there is a solution I would appreciate it. the next issue was with mazzios vouchers. I have bought them each time the first set worked great the second set were denied as used even though they had not been. just bought again hoping for better results.

  16. What happens if a deal expires without being used? Do you we retain the value we paid for it at that business like a Groupon?

    1. Will,
      I just printed one here and it printed fine. Have you run a test page on your printer? Does the voucher look okay in the print screen?

  17. preview shows all is there but it only prints the border . I also received an e-mail from paypal that said I had authorized you to take the money but it was waiting for you to process the order .

  18. preview shows all is there but it only prints the border . I also received an e-mail from paypal that said I had authorized you to take the money but it was waiting for you to process the order

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